Friday, January 16, 2009

So Random

In honor of the upcoming inauguration I thought I would Obamicon myself. Frankly that campaign poster of Obama's kind of creeped me out. It reminded me of those political propaganda posters you used to see in communist countries where the leaders were both worshiped and feared. This is a democracy for pete's sake. But the posters did have the cool factor they were undoubtedly aiming for.

Speaking of cool factor, I picked up my cool new sunglasses. When I showed them off Tessa said I looked like a blind person. Thanks. And the truth is I can't see the gauges on the dashboard when I wear them because they are so dark. I have no idea what the speedometer says, which I'm sure will be a legitimate defense when I get stopped for speeding.

Speaking of driving blind, I drove in my new glasses to get my hair cut and highlighted this morning so I feel like a new person. Woohoo! Except I just hate having to stare at myself in the mirror for a couple of hours. Is it just me or does every woman get up and do her hair and makeup before going to the salon where they immediately wash your hair and redo it anyway? And I always add more makeup than usual because with my hair all wet and my body slumped in the chair under that capey thing it's just not attractive. I look like John Travolta in drag.

Speaking of John Travolta, did you see him in Hairspray? My current favorite musical turned movie is Mama Mia. Makes you wanna get up and dance.

Speaking of dancing, I wanted to jump up and start dancing yesterday when I heard that everyone survived that plane crash in New York. They are calling it the Miracle on the Hudson, but most of the commentators were praising the pilot and the ferry boats, etc. They had everything to do with the positive outcome, but seriously, don't you think God had a little something to do with it too? It was just too perfect to be completely man made.

Speaking of -well, can't think of how my brain linked to this, but anyway - I was reading my new Real Simple magazine and there was an article about comfort food. I was trying to think what my comfort food would be. It was surprising the number of different answers they got. I'd say bread products of any kind, but especially toasted english muffins with honey. Or maybe pizza. Or roast and mashed potatoes. Wondering what your comfort food would be.

Speaking of wasting time, another fun time waster since you're wasting your time with me, is wordle. You can type in your words or link it to a site and it will create a word map for you. You can see mine at the top right of this blog. Click on it and it will take you to their site.

Speaking of word maps, decor8 is doing a creativity series on Thursdays. You might want to check it out if you want to get your creative juices going. I don't know about you, but this time of year is not a very creative-inducing time. Kind of makes your brain dull and fuzzy.

Speaking of fuzzy, I just love getting my brows and lip waxed. So satisfying. The instant gratification makes the pain worth it.

OK, this has been the most random post ever. I'm going to put a gag on the neighbor's dog since she has been barking for the last hour, then go take a nap.


okiesister said...

Love all the segues... this is just how my brain works too... mmmm bread....

Anonymous said...

Obviously it would have to be roast, potatoes and carrots, all made together in the roaster.

As for the waxing..........NAAA!!!

Shari said...

Grandma Johnson's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, fried okra and chocolate pie. But, sadly, I'm stuck with my own cooking, which doesn't include her skills. So I'll take roast and taters.

Cori said...

Ping! Ice cream solves all problems. My wax of choice is Bikini, I prefer tweezers for the eyebrows.

Stephen said...


Extreme Educators said...

Why does Cori's ice cream make noise?