Monday, January 19, 2009

Books are the greatest inventon since sliced bread

I had a relatively technology free weekend. I'm currently devouring "The Sex-Lives of Cannibals" which I'm telling you is a very funny book. It's a travelogue of the sort you don't usually find. I wish I could turn my years of travel and living in strange places into an entertaining book that would keep readers up nights and make me the big bucks. I'm afraid though, that my travel epic would be filled with whining and self-pity and that the people discussed in the book would sue for character defamation or whatever people sue for. I've thought a lot about it, but can't settle on the genre. Is it drama? Could I write it as a comedy? Do I write it as fiction and change all the names? If I write it as a memoir and Oprah decides to feature it in her book club, will it stand up to her scrutiny? I'd hate to turn out like the poor soul she disemboweled on national television for daring to call a largely fictional account of his life a memoir, aka James Frey and his "A Million Little Pieces".

The brutal truth is that I doubt I have the discipline to write a book, and it's now 8:00 on a Monday and I haven't even showered, so I better get going. Although it's a National Holiday, some of us still have to work. See - dripping in self pity.

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