Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A few things off the list. And you know I love lists.

Friends don't let friends do home repairs alone. Our home repair guru/savior, Berry, came over on Sunday and spent four hours going down my list of things that just haven't gotten done over the years of home renovation. That light fixture that has been sitting in the box since 2004 after the winter of bedroom wreckovation. Ah those are good memories. Attempting to sleep in our king sized bed while the arctic wind rattled the insulation in the exposed ceiling. Stuffing Angela up into the attic to do electrical work 'cause she was the only one small enough to fit. Don't worry, she was at least 18 years old. And she volunteered. Don't call DHS. That was the winter we ended up sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the living room for weeks because I had this thing about not liking to sleep under the stars while inside the house. I know. I'm high maintenance.

He also took care of a couple of thresholds, repaired an electrical outlet, fixed the off-center ceiling fan, glued in the new kitchen sink. Am I forgetting anything? You get used to having things undone for so long you almost forget they aren't done. I keep marveling at how much better that light fixture looks hanging from the ceiling than it did sitting in the box on the shelf.

He didn't do all this alone though. Mark helped. Although the one time I peeked into the bedroom to see how the fan project was going, Berry was on the ladder and Mark was laying on his back across the bed. But he was lending his moral support. Which would be different than his immoral support I guess. Odd phrase.

Tessa is home for a couple of days since it's a long weekend. Her comment? "This house is getting less embarrassing all the time". So there it is in a nutshell. Like we ever put things in a nutshell. Another odd phrase. To what nut are they referring? Peanut? Since it's Oklahoma, they must be referring to the pecan. But why would we put our thoughts in something even the squirrels throw out.

Anyway, I digress. I'm just tickled pink to have the list done. Now what does that mean? Is that a phrase only a person of Caucasian descent uses? I mean, not everyone can be tickled until they are pink. OK, I'm done now.

God bless America on this, our Presidential Inauguration Day. Few countries do it like we do. Thank you, Lord, for a nation that believes in a peaceful transition of power.


okiesister said...

Does Berry do baseboards?
How about exposed wires in the hallway where a light fixture is supposed to be?
I need a Berry....

Great post.

Cari said...

Okiesister - I know! Don't we all need a Berry. We do what we can in our renovation until we get stuck, then we call Berry. He saved us from a huge argument once when he came and helped Mark put down some flooring in the sunroom.