Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In which we buy stock in Home Depot

Wisdom teeth are extracted, bruising and swelling is minimal, Tessa lived to tell the story. Except there wasn't much to tell since she was asleep during the 30 minute procedure. I TOLD her it wouldn't be traumatic, but I'm just the mom. What do I know?

The amazing plumber dude came yesterday and did about 5 jobs that would have taken us days and a whole lot-o-frustration to complete. Sink works, faucet is beautiful, water is turned back on. Ah, life is good again, not to mention hygienic.

Mark and I installed a new cabinet top and a new sink and they look pretty durn good. We got a new power tool out of the deal. A cute little saber saw to add to our collection. I love power tools. They're just so - powerful. I feel so empowered when I use them.

When I went to look for a sink I couldn't find anything the right size at a reasonable price. It also couldn't have holes for the faucet because our faucet comes out of the wall and not the cabinet top. No such sink to be found. Oh, I could special order one for $700. Um, that wasn't gonna happen. As I was walking out of our home-away-from-home big box home repair store, I was deep in thought about where to look for a sink when I almost tripped over a rack with a few sale items on it. You're ahead of me already on this story aren't you? There was a sink the perfect size and shape with no faucet holes for a VERY discounted price. I snapped that sucker up and shouted glory hallelujah. Well, in my head I was shouting. I didn't want anyone to startle suddenly while reaching high on a shelf for another box of 3x6 inch tile and bring the whole thing crashing down on their head. I was grateful, but I couldn't live with that kind of responsibility.

So I asked Mark when I got home if one could call it a "God Thing" when a sink just jumps out and bites you on the butt as you're walking out of the store. I'm never one to say God gave me a parking spot, or helped my football team win. But surely he must care and be interested in all aspects of my life.

Interesting as I write this to realize I can actually say I feel like God might be interested in my life. There was a long period of time there where I really felt like He had just shrugged his shoulders and said "good luck with that" before turning His back.

I feel like I'm coming down with something, so I'm going to drink some more orange juice and go to bed. I have a very long rest of the week ahead. Stay tuned for the continuing saga in which Mr. and Mrs. DIY attempt to tile a backsplash, find cabinet doors to fit their non-standard cabinets, and return to our empty nest as the new college semester begins. Fascinating stuff.

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