Friday, January 9, 2009

Rural Walmarts Rock

On the road again. The benefit today was that Atoka Walmart had a Wii Fit! Wiiiii!!! We've been popping into Walmart, Target and Game Stop to see if any Wiis are in stock waiting to be snatched up. While I was in Walmart this afternoon buying some supplies I remembered to stop by the electronics section and ask. And of course, no Wii.

Then about 10 minutes later, over in the pharmacy section looking for Tylenol Sinus medicine, I hear "Would the customer who wanted a Wii Fit please return to Electronics" over the loud speaker. Me! That was me!! Here I come, don't give it away, make way for me through the stampede of the 152 other customers who heard there was a Wii Fit available and were rampaging towards the unsuspecting Walmart Associate innocently holding one of the most sought after items since Tickle Me Elmo.

Except no one cared. It was just me who stampeded, heart racing, to electronics. Maybe they just aren't that into Wii Fit in rural Oklahoma. Maybe it's just us folks in "the City". All I know is I didn't have to use my nunchuck skills to get the Wii. The Walmart Associate just handed it over. She didn't unlock anything or make me buy it right there. She just put it in my basket and told me it might set the security buzzer off when I leave (presumably after paying for it) but just keep walking like I knew what I was doing. Apparently there's also a low crime rate in Atoka.

Now at the hotel I'm watching HGTV 'cause I don't have it at home and I only get to indulge when I'm traveling for work. So I better go. I'm learning the 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes so I can come to your house and point them out. Just trying to be helpful.

Oh, and happy birthday to my Bonus Dad. Hope you have a good one.

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Shari said...

Take notes about the 25 mistakes. Maybe we can run a family contest to see who has committed the most! I'm sure I'll be in the lead somewhere.