Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm off today since I worked 14 hours on Saturday. I have a quiet Monday to myself to do whatever I want. For some reason on days like this I don't want to shower. It just seems like such a waste of time since no one is here to see or smell me. There are so many other fun things to take up the day. And who knows, I might exercise and get all sweaty, and then I'd just have to shower again. It's a slim chance, but a chance, and I certainly don't want to shower twice.

The nest is empty again with Tessa back at OSU. She's been kind of dragging around all week after having her wisdom teeth removed, but boy did she perk up when it came time to pack and head back to her sorority house. You've never seen laundry done so quickly and with such cheerfullness. As with everything in life, it's all about the motivation.

I spent some time over the weekend in rural Oklahoma and caught up on the local gossip discussed in the diner. One woman who used to weigh about 400 pounds got a lap band and now weighs 90 and is dying because it slipped, but doesn't want to have it taken out. A precious 7 year old boy is dying from a heart condition and he got his wish from the Make A Wish Foundation to go to a NASCAR race and see Dale Jr. Families who have been dirt poor all their lives are now getting rich from oil and gas wells drilled on their property and are busy buying up diamond rings, big houses and bigger trucks. You can make more money working a weekend at a cock fight than you make all week in your regular job.

Also, thought I'd share some Do's and Don'ts - a few things I've learned:
  • Do take the time to enjoy the landscape and the space. A breathtaking sunset and a huge full moon are much easier to appreciate with nothing obstructing the view.
  • Do wear camo to the local diner if it's hunting season and you don't want to stand out as that city woman.
  • Do have lunch with the county sheriff. Too many reasons to list.
  • Don't go to the local diner expecting to order their specialty fried catfish on Saturday because Friday night is all you can eat fried catfish night and there won't be any left.
  • Don't order the calf fries unless you fully understand what you're getting and are in full agreement with eating cast offs from the castrating session at the local ranching operation.
  • Don't discuss the local cock fights when you're eating lunch with the sheriff.

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Shari said...

Sounds like an exciting cultural adventure. Never eaten lunch with a sheriff!