Monday, January 26, 2009

When Am I?

Yep, so here I am in Idabel, which is apparently the tiny little corner of Oklahoma that's not covered in ice at this moment. I'm snug in a hotel with a DingDong out of the vending machine and Bachelor on the TV. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, maybe if I was home snuggling with Mark and not worrying about how or when I'm going to get home. Or if I was on a cruise. Or a ski vacation. Or if - OK, it does get way better than this, but I'm warm and full and entertained, so no complaining.

For some reason the ABC channel here makes people sound like freaky robo guy with the machine altered voice calling with the ransom instructions. It's very distracting. And when will Nikki stop crying? And did Jason just snarf down a burger and fries and smores like it was his last meal and crawl into that tent with Perky Girl? Seriously I hope he took some Gas-X first. Perky Girl will be getting a little more of the "real" Jason than she bargained for.

Did you see that Oklahoma City is the 2nd fattest city in the USA? Marvelous. Just one more statistic to add to our dismal health stats. Surprisingly, Miami took the number one spot. So much for the South Beach diet. That's exactly why I didn't get into that diet. Well, not exactly why. It could have something to do with my love of baked goods. And my dislike of sweating.

OMG, I, like, can't stand the, like, drama on the Bachelor. He so, like, doesn't get her. She's such a, like, beyotch. I'm all, "Somebody got hit with a pugly stick". Gotta go find a tissue. l8r.


Extreme Educators said...

Not sure, but most people say "fugly" as in f---ing ugly, not "pugly". But it's your call :)

Stephen said...

Bugg objects to the term "pugly", FYI. You just can't help but offend someone. Sigh.

Cari said...

Ang-that would be pug ugly. But apparently I've offended Bugg. my apologies to a very attractive pug!

Shari said...

Where DO they get those women? Alli was watching with me for the first time, so I was going down the row of why I don't like her, or her, or her. or, good grief, stop crying! And I'm glad that one chick who only cursed and frowned if Jason wasn't in the room is gone. (LaCrossee Coach??) And the back biting teacher. Heavens! I can't believe they let her loose with children. Surely they show Jason the video of how they act while he's gone! Can't anyone go read a book, or crochet or something to pass the time? Are they REQUIRED to sit together in the same room with nothing but alchohol to entertain themselves?