Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm not a banker, so I'm off to work. But then who wants to be a banker these days...

I had a good weekend, if anyone cares. It was a perfect mix of fun, family, rest and checking things off my many lists. And because, as we all know, I love bullet points, that's how I'm going to continue with this post. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor because it will be so much easier to read than a long, run-on sentence that never seems to end and jumps from point to point and, well, you get it. So here goes. If you are in the "don't care" category, then check back tomorrow and maybe I'll have something profound to say. But don't hold your breath.

  • Our staff lunch on Friday was at Avanti Bar and Grill which is attached to the Courtyard By Marriott over by Lowe's on the north side of the Kilpatrick, between May and Penn. If you're not from around here, then your eyes just rolled back in your head from all the details. It's an excellent restaurant and you must try it, but it's kind of hidden, thus the details. It opened last week, the night of the tornadoes, so you know how new it is. It would make a nice date destination. I know, you're thinking "now you tell me". Where was I when you were standing in line for two hours for a Valentine's dinner.
  • Valentine's Day was pretty much a day-long date, in a empty nester sort of way. Starbucks first thing, (never have I seen so many couples there. Usually it's one spouse staggering in to grab the coffees and run) then Mark went with me to that old ice skating rink in Bethany that they've turned into an antique/flea market kind of place. It was his suggestion because it was Valentine's Day, and he actually enjoyed it, although if you ask him he'll tell you we were there for two hours when in reality it was more like 45 minutes. We are apparently antiques because the whole experience was like a stroll through our childhood. If we had only kept everything we ever owned, we could be selling them right now for ridiculous prices. I made an exciting $10 purchase which I will share another time after I upload the photo.
  • Still talking about Valentine's Day, but I could tell I was losing you, so I'm hoping another bullet point will refresh your brain. So after the antique mall thing we drove our to Okarche to Eischen's for their famous chicken. Mark wanted a menu, which if you've ever been to Eischen's is kind of funny since pretty much they just slap a huge basket of fried chicken and another huge basket of fried okra on your table, along with some white bread and bread and butter pickles. That's the menu. But man is it good fried chicken.
  • I think that's all I'm going to share about Valentine's Day except that in the evening "Somewhere In Time" was on TV. It's a movie with Christopher Reeves, who was GORGEOUS, and, and, dang I can't remember her name. Oh yeah, Jane Seymour. We saw that movie in the theater back in college and thought it was the most romantic movie ever. I remember crying. But I was always crying back in college. Sleep deprivation will do that to you. Anyway, it was a fitting ending to our walk-down-memory-lane Valentine's Day.
  • Sunday after church (I admit it, we watched church online) we had our Sunday lunch with Angela and Riley, which is a habit I adore. Tessa was also home because she had volunteered at the Addy Awards Saturday, and niece Alli joined us. Los Amigos in Bethany is what makes me feel like we live in a small town surrounded by the big city. It's always full of people we know, which makes me feel connected.
  • Last thing, if you're still with me. We hung our new kitchen cabinet doors and they are amazing. Well, we're still short two doors because the guy who made them got confused. But all the others are hung.

So I'm sure I missed something, but right now you're saying thank the Lord this post is over. I'm here all week. No really, I'm in town all week so I'm hoping to have a peaceful and productive number of days. Did you have a good weekend?


Shari said...

I went to bed on Sunday night thinking what a pleasant weekend. DId a couple of church things with folks I'm learning to enjoy. Hung out with Gene and Alli. I'm glad you enjoyed yours!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I'll have to check out that flea market next time I'm in Bethany visiting my bro.