Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No one said life was fair; aka daily whine

What does my body require in order to lose an ounce? Moderate exercise and a healthy diet? That's what the experts say, but no one told my own self. It has a plan of its own. One day of eating cookies, gain 3 pounds. (I didn't actually eat 13 cookies on Sunday. Maybe 6. And they were little). Two days of moderate exercise and healthy eating? Gain 1 pound. I guess the good news is that I gained at a slower rate. If that can be considered good news. I don't believe the so called experts when they say the pounds will magically fall off if you make small changes. I have to switch to carrot sticks and celery and water only if I want to start seeing the pounds come off.

Small changes my a...pple loving self.


Staci said...

I so hear you. I have to cut out even the carrots and celery sticks.

Stephen said...

My story is that I will apparently weigh 195 pounds regardless of what I do. Not morbidly obese exactly, but not gonna make the swimsuit edition either. Maybe I should just be happy with how I am. Ya right.