Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who needs the Bachelor when they have each other

Currently there are no reality shows on TV worth watching except the Bachelor. And we all know how obsessed Mark and I are with reality shows. Because apparently our three-continent-living past lifestyle, moving every 9 months to unknown parts, Adult ADD diagnosis, depression issues, stressful but fulfilling jobs, and a college age daughter with a serious case of this year's drug resistant flu strain who thinks she's dieing in the sorority house all alone surrounded by friends with cars and someone who cooks her meals three times a day wasn't stimulating enough. Whoa. That sentence got away from me.

Back to the Bachelor. OK, did he just on national television let his four year old decide what he was going to do for the night? Let that be a warning women! You do NOT ask a four year old "do you want Daddy to stay home tonight?" Because the child will ALWAYS say yes. And someday Jason is going to have to be able to say "You're my favorite person" to someone else besides Ty and mean it. A child focused relationship is not the best foundation for a marriage. Children are wonderful and amazing and add a depth and beauty to life. But they can't be the center of the known marital universe. Because then they leave in about 18 years and it's just you two left staring at each other. And if there's no real life between the two of you, that empty nest is going to be oh so empty. (End of marriage counseling for today.)

On another Bachelor note, I want a Stephanie. She would make the most amazing friend. I agree she wasn't right for Jason, but she's precious and eternally gracious. A classic southern belle. I actually cried along with everyone else when she had to leave. And that last little comment in the limo about seeing her deceased husband in heaven some day? Sniff, sniff.

There is so much lovin' going on this season. The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti sharing thing, snuggling on the couch, holding hands, sharing secrets. And that's just the girls. Is it just me or has the Bachelorett mansion turned into every man's fantasy sorority house? Jason better watch out or those last four girls just might move in with each other and give him and his son the boot. He should move in with them right now and stop messing around. Otherwise he's missing the opportunity to join in on all the good stuff.

I'm betting on Jillian, in case anyone cares.


Mark said...

Definitely Jillian! Not even a close second.....

okiesister said...

This is one reality show that I don't watch, but you sure do make it sound like fun.

okiesister said...

I've giving you the Lemonade Award for Attitude and/or Gratitude. Check my blog for details

Shari said...

Was Stephanie the tall brunette with the different looking face? Beautiful, but unusual, looking? I liked her. Missed it last night though.