Monday, February 2, 2009

Speed blogging

OK, I set a 30 minute time limit on reading/writing blog posts this morning since work calleth. So here's a recap of my weekend in bullet points. Because I love bullet points. I wish I could always communicate in bullet points. None of this Hi, how are you, your hair looks nice, did you sleep well, hope you had a nice weekend chit chat. I'd rather just start out the day with

  • It was a weekend. I'm sure you had one too.
  • Have work to do, so going to my office.
  • Why isn't there any coffee?
  • Leave me alone until at least 10:00.

But that doesn't win friends or get you any brownie points with the boss. Anyway, the clock is ticking, so here's my weekend in numbers.

  • 11-the number of hours I slept Friday night.
  • 1-the number of decaf soy caramel machiatos I had from Starbucks. Usually it's at least two per weekend, so I'm cutting back on behalf of my waistline and the economy.
  • 4 - the number of hours wasted entertaining myself by making a new header for my blog and creating a super bowl bingo game.
  • 1 - the number of kitchen chairs I got painted. Only five to go. Maybe by April.
  • 2 - the number of times I cleaned up dog puke. Seriously, stop eating weird stuff out of the yard.
  • 2 - the number of times I told Mark to go in the other room while I cleaned up dog puke so I wouldn't have to clean up his puke too.
  • 30 - the number of minutes I played on the Wii.
  • 13 - the number of chocolate chip cookies I ate at the Super Bowl party.
  • 352 - the number of beautiful, precious, noisy children at the Super Bowl party.
  • 1.5 - the number of quarters we lasted at the Super Bowl party before taking our old, grumpy selves home.

Now do you feel enlightened? My time is up. Have a nice Monday. Kisses.


Cori said...

I agree... leave the small talk at home. I think I might start carrying signs around my neck saying things like "I'm tired and grumpy, leave me the heck alone", or "I'm being quiet because I'm shy, you have to talk first", or "I'm in my own little world right now, yell louder". Would that be wearing my emotions on my sleeve, literally?

dusty takle said...

13 cookies? Impressive. I can eat my weight in Jr. Mints. For real.

There was a football game last night? Huh.

Cari said...

OK, the 13 cookies was a bit of an exaggeration, along with the 352 children. But I did eat plenty of cookies! And there were a lot of children!

angela said...

Hey now, don't call the Bingo creation "wasted time", it was quite fun... until I won and then we were told that the DeLongs needed to leave... and I also stopped paying attention to the game since I had already conquered the Bingo. I mean really, who cares? Also, I find nothing unusual about 13 cookies. I shudder to think about how many I consumed last night myself.

carikelley said...

by the way, I love the cute headers for your blog! I wish i was as creative!!