Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cari's Infinite Playlist

Right now I'm listening to Nora Jones sing Come Away With Me on Pandora and that song and her voice never fail to take me back to a bittersweet time in my life. I'm instantly transported to an airplane. It's dark enough to hide the tears dripping off my chin and the hum of the engines is loud enough to drown out my quiet sobs. It's the first time I've heard Norah Jones and her voice is hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving. But that voice just deepens the sorrow of having said good-bye to my precious 16-year-old Angela. Mark, Tessa and I are flying off to live in South Africa, and we've turned Angela over to four sets of loving parents who have vowed to watch over, protect and provide for her while she finishes her senior year in high school.

For me, music can instantly transport.

Any time I hear Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band) I'm back in high school in the only art class I ever took. I loved that class. Conservative little me, my friend Dan, and a bunch of potheads. Good times.

Anything Elton John from the 70's - Bennie and the Jets, Rocket Man - and I'm on the bus with my youth group, trying to ignore the couple making out in the seats across the isle.

Down to the Moon by Andreas Vollenwieder - I'm resting on a couch with my walkman, belly huge, counting minutes between contractions a few hours before Angela made her debut.

Raffi singing Mary Wore Her Red Dress and I'm in the Caravan, driving toddler and pre-schooler to play dates and gymnastics. Does anyone listen to Raffi any more?

1990s Techno music - I'm in a taxi in Bulgaria, careening down the trolley track praying a trolley is not around the next curve.

You get the point. Like most of us, I can trace the path of my life through music. Even more interesting is the way in which that music was delivered. Radio, records, cassettes, 8-tracks, CDs, MP3 players, iPod, Pandora.

Have you seen the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? Is it just me or does it seem like a modern day version of American Graffiti? Watch both and tell me if you don't see the similarities. Love both movies.

I think that's a good metaphor for my life - Cari's Infinite Playlist. Keep the good songs coming!


jen said...

Thanks for participating in my contest. Your comment made me laugh. I will be back to read more of your blog when i get some time. I've heard of your blog - I think from Jean Warner's site. ??

Stephen said...

Yes - and suitable background music makes it seem like I'm in a movie about my life. One with a more interesting plot and better hair and lighting than my actual life.