Friday, March 6, 2009

Tell Obama to legislate a 4 day work week and we can all volunteer on the 5th day.

Mark took the day off today to volunteer for a project with friend Berry. The Wilds of BLC do a spaghetti fundraiser thing twice a year and Mark has his favorite jobs. On Wednesday he spent the evening browning about 85 pounds of burger. Now that's a lot of burger. That would give me carpal tunnel. I really hate browning burger. At our house, Mark usually steps in because I 1)hate it 2) usually burn it due to impatience 3) don't get the nice, fine particles like he does. So he came home REEKING like he was working the grill at Irma's Burger Shack. The dogs loved him though. They wanted to lick his shirt or just chew on him for a while. I requested he pass GO and not collect $200 (or a kiss, which is usually what he wants to collect when walking in the door).

Today's job is to cook sauce for the 700 plus spaghetti lunches that will be delivered all over OKC. Hope he showers before I get home. But isn't he a good guy to take a vacation day to do this? Berry's a good friend and his program is well worth it.

There's lots of philanthropy going on in the fam right now. In addition to Mark's efforts, Angela's 5th grade class is collecting cans to cash in and contribute to this fund. Nephew Austin is collecting cash for this project.

Cool stuff. Makes a wife/mama/auntie proud.


Anonymous said...

I am SO all for this!! Would love to have an extra day to give back to the community. I've actually mentioned something like this (volunteer vouchers) at work, but they never get too excited about it.

That's what happens when you have a BOD to contend with... *sigh*

tessa said...

Umm excuse me but daughter Tessa is collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house, and will be volunteering at 8 in the morning tomorrow to work the 5K run!! Angela shmangela.

Shari said...

Tessa, I have a HUGE box of tabs. We save them at school, but no one ever seems to take them away. Come'm gettum.