Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dazed and confused

What day is it? I think I completely missed St. Patrick's Day. Not that that's a big holiday for me. I was always irritated in elementary school when I forgot to wear green and got pinched. Who thought that one up? Did St. Patrick really decree that everyone should wear green and go around pinching each other? It got really irritating when I grew up and people still did the pinching thing at the office. Seriously. Can we please act like adults? Besides, I bruise easily.

March 17 is more remembered in my family for my Grandpa Metz, who passed away last fall. It was his birthday. I think there might have been a little Irish in him, but he was mostly of German descent. I still catch myself thinking I need to go visit, but then startle with the realization that that entire generation is now gone.

I think today is Thursday. Can anyone confirm that?

Tessa is home for Spring Break, much to her disgust, since ALL her friends went somewhere fabulous for the week. Probably kind of like how ALL her friends had Furbies, or ALL her friends got new cars when they turned sixteen. But I'm enjoying having her home. She sweet talked her Daddy into going to rent a movie last night and we watched Australia, which is a movie of epic proportions. I thought we were done when Hugh Jackman and that woman whho is actually from Australia - you know, the one who used to be married to that guy who likes to jump on couches. I'm telling you, my brain is fried. Nicole Kidman. That's it. Anyway, when Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman finally got together and it looked like there was going to be a happily every after ending, that was the start of a whole 'nother movie!

Anyway, I'm thinking it's Thursday, which means it's not Saturday, and I still need to go to work. Maybe a Starbucks will bring me into the present. Sounds like as good a reason as any to spend $5 on a cup of coffee.

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