Friday, March 20, 2009


Entropy (disambiguation) - in thermodynamics, is a measure of the
unavailability of a system's energy to do work.

My system's energy is unavailable to do work today. All my system's energy wants to do is laze around the house, read a good book, sip rooibos tea. My system could probably manage to muster enough energy to put some order into my house because...
Second Law of Thermodynamics: Things naturally move from a state of order to disorder

If anyone needs a model of the second law of thermodynamics for a science experiment, they may look at my house right now. Any room moves from order to disorder at twice the speed of light.

It takes a great deal of energy just to maintain order, much less improve upon life. Our bodies age despite our efforts to maintain our youth. Our minds become cloudy and atrophied without constant effort to keep those synapses firing. You can pretty much apply these laws to every area of our existence.

I'm thinking maybe simplicity is the key. The simpler the system, the easier it is to maintain and the less energy it takes to keep order.

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Mark said...

Old age sucks!!! NO ENERGY!!! Let's go for a walk tonight again.