Thursday, March 12, 2009

The following blog entry is rated PG for brief nudity and immature subject matter

Still at the in-laws. For some reason today seems to have a high "ewww" factor. For example I ran down to the finished basement to make use of the facilities because the upstairs facilities were occupado. While, you know, doing my business, I started feeling drips on my head and hearing unusual sounds of water running in the wall behind me. Here's a tip. Never, I say NEVER, look up when you feel drips on your head.

Thinking the worst (did she pass out in the tub?) I raced like a mad woman up the stairs and knocked on the upstairs bathroom door, only to discover MPML (My Precious Mother-In-Law) helplessly trying to stem the tide, stop the flow, call down the plumber gods for assistance with an overflowing no avail. I'm pretty handy with a plunger, but there was no quick fix here. MPML and her walker were scooted out the door, towels and a mop were applied, the plumber was called. Remember the drips on my head? Now I think I need a shower.

Another free tip because I'm here to serve. If you're talking to anyone from what Tom Brokaw called the greatest generation (and I have to agree with him), never ask them in an off hand way how their parents managed birth control back in the day. You might get a startlingly specific answer.

In other news...there is no other news. Nothing new from the cardiac care unit. Just lots of waiting while everyone's life is on hold and at the mercy of an apparently very busy cardiologist.

So that's been my day. How's yours?


Shari said...

You'll have to 'splain later! Hope the cardiologist comes soon. said...

Oh, bless your heart.
I totally sympathize. This actually happened to me and a co-worker IN OUR OFFICES. OK, it didn't drip on our heads, but the smell... OH THE SMELL, it was unreal.

Turns out the PUBLIC bathrooms on the floor above us had some plumbing issues. To say the least. Good times.

Hope it was not too traumatic for you! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Cari said...

Shari - Oh I'm so going to 'splain when I see you next.

Tootie - yep, nothing like a little poo water raining down on your head. My husband pointed out it was actually filtered water since it had to go through the floor/ceiling. I think that just made it worse to think about!