Monday, March 30, 2009

Girl Talk

Have you seen the site called Kindred? I love it because I love the girlie-girl desktop wallpaper. That's right women. Arise! Unite! Fem up your family computer. Stake your claim. I have the artwork by Ez Pudewa on our family laptop, but I had a hard time choosing, they were all so unique.

Computers don't have to be so masculine. I recently bought a new laptop for work and I so wanted to buy the pink one but I didn't. I went with the pretty purple one since I figured if a guy co-worker had to borrow it, he would be somewhat less mortified.

I've always wondered how pink became the girl color and blue the boys'. I think that's somewhat of a cultural thing. Hold on. Duh! I just googled it. Apparently before the 1920s babies from western families were mostly in white and dresses were worn by both boys and girls. THAT explains a lot. Those old family photos had me worried.

Both my daughters went through a PFD phase (Pink Fluffy Dress) when they were little, but Angela more so than Tessa. Angela wanted to wear nothing but a dress and "panties-hose" from about age three to five. Tessa is currently going through her second PFD phase I think. Maybe that's the sorority influence. Grunge just doesn't work with pearls.

You've heard of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" right? I read about a group of women who decided to do something similar only with an expensive diamond necklace. They pooled their money for the $7,000 necklace they named Jewelia. I'm way too practical for that. Plus I would have absolutely nowhere to wear it.

I'm thinking of starting "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bundt Pan".


Cori said...

Dibs on being the next person with the traveling Bundt pan. I wanted to make a cake the other day, but didn't have a bundt pan. If a cake is Holey does it have fewer calories?

Extreme Educators said...

I think if I had a holey pan it would be more calories because I would find more surface area for smearing frosting. That has always been my problem with bundt cakes, they are always glazed and never frosted. Pity.

Shari said...

"bout peed my pants laughing! Thanks for the fun. And I want to be a Bundt sister!