Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a Bundt

So I've been thinking about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Bundt Pan thing, because it's more fun to think about than, say, the economic downturn, Oklahoma's breathtakingly poor health statistics, or how I should really lose some weight. After reading the original "Traveling Rules", I came up with some of my own rules. They really only make sense if you read the original rules (see link above). So here goes.

You must always wash the bundt pan.
You must never make jello in the bundt pan. It's jiggly.
You must never say the word "fat" while eating what was baked with the bundt pan.
You must never let a man bake something with the bundt pan (although you may bake something in his presence).
You must not pick your nose while using the bundt pan.
You must document your experience with the bundt pan on your blog for the other bundt sisters.
You may only possess the bundt pan for the specified length of time before passing it on to one of your bundt sisters.
Remember: bundt cake = love. Love your bundt sisters. Love yourself.

Hmmm. It might be fun to pass something around like that as a way to connect with others with whom you've already formed a sort of connection through bloggyness. Kind of an experiment in building community. According to Wikipedia, bundt comes from the German word "bund" for gathering. That seems appropriate. Or am I just crazy and need to go back into my hole?


Extreme Educators said...

You must never put nuts in anything you bake in the bundt (I will refrain from relating that to the pants).

And Alli is disappointed about the lack of spanking if you don't pass on the bundt punctually.

Anonymous said...

While cleaning out old E Mails I ran across your Blog,so on a wild hare-(yes I spelled it that way intentionaly)I checked it out.I propose a Parenthood of the traveling "Pilgrims"--you remember those beauties on my wall that were once my parents.Well it may be time for someone else in the family to "ENJOY" them for a while.SO,family,dont be surprised if sometime somewhere someplace you find a UPS "SPECIAL" dilivery at you door,Ha!! Enjoy !!Dad

Shari said...

Love both ideas. (The bundt and the pilgrims!) Go for it! Just don't send me the pilgrim's first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pilgrims was just an April fools joke---hmmmmmmm---