Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maybe we need a nannie cam for the dogs

We are pretty sure Winnie, our golden retriever/lab mix, has thumbs. She keeps them well hidden, but she's somehow able to open the back door. I came home from work yesterday to find her wandering around inside the house, looking a little dazed, probably because I had interrupted her napping on my pillow. I always look a little dazed too when a perfectly good nap is interrupted. The little dog, Sadie, was pouty all evening, having been left out in the cold while Winnie spent the day in luxury. I'm thinking we should try to train Winnie to grab a diet coke out of the fridge and make good use of her door opening skills. I hear dogs can be trained to do such things. That could come in handy.

Is it a sign of middle age that I'm talking about my dogs like they are people? Or like anyone cares what my dogs are doing? Frightening.

I gotta go. I forgot to take my meds. The weather must be changing again. My knees are stiff and achy. Have I told you about my new recipe for Tuna Casserole?

Just kidding - I was practicing for next year...after all, it's all downhill from here. This slippery slope leads right into "the home".

2 comments: said...

I, for one, love a good dog story. So I am not at all disappointed. I could talk about things my animals do ALL DAY LONG. And, I do. I kinda feel bad for my husband, and, um, kinda not. Because he knew he what he was getting. ;)

Please, please let us know when Winnie gets the Diet Coke fetch down.

Cari Kelley said...

I also LOVE a good dog story. Esp. since my dog is also very people-like in her behaviors...and b/c I talk to her like a people, as I imagine you do to yours.

and it's not a sign of anything--except maybe a unique and special animal-owner bond. :)