Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life goes on...

Gpa Bob had his heart cath thing done late yesterday evening. No good news though. There is too much damage and blockage to repair. We all went to bed last night with heavy hearts but also joyful hearts because our man Bob is such a good and godly man and we can still hope for much more time with him, with perhaps an altered lifestyle.

Now there's a man who likes to keep busy. I think of him as a kind of Midwestern renaissance man. Since his retirement 20 years ago he has developed a love of cooking and baking, always eager to share a new recipe or new ingredient. He also loves to paint (by number) and the house is now filled with scenes of tranquil life painted on canvas and always seasonally appropriate. Is it snowing? He's got a painting for that. Is it spring and the trees starting to bud? He's got a painting for that. Need a music scene for over the piano? He's got a painting for that.

He's always been a HAM enthusiast. As a radioman in the navy he learned Morse Code and can still pound it out with the best of them, although I think most of his amateur radio contacts are by voice these days. A new issue of QST - apparently "the official journal of The National Association for Amateur Radio" came in the mail yesterday. I was reluctant to send it on to the hospital since I was hoping to read it myself. A recent issue I picked up by his recliner tempted me with headlines about DV Dongles and RF Ammeters and "eliminating fears of SMDs". Frankly, I thought they had a pill for that now days.

We'll be having a family pow-wow I'm thinking, as soon as brother Bob flies in from Arizona. For now I'm off to the medical equipment supply store to find an affordable shower transfer chair for MPML. It's amazing what you can find on Craig's List, but so far I haven't found exactly what we need.

OK, now that you've nodded of, I think I'll end this post.


Anonymous said...

Check Walgreens. They carry a lot of those items at a cheaper rate than the medical supply stores.
Or your local Hopice, sometimes they will loan items out.

I'm thinking of your family. I know it's difficult. Have strength.

Shari said...

I'm glad God has blessed your whole family with the similar frame of mind about God's sovereignty and His great care for Grandpa Bob.

Stephen said...

He's one lucky man to have y'all.

jenX67 said...

I'm sorry to hear this news, Cari. My heart sank for you - and me. I just know one day I will hear the same about people I love. Blessings on you and yours.