Monday, April 20, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Wow that was a short weekend, considering I worked eleven hours on Saturday. I'll take a day off in a couple of weeks to make up for it, but not this week. It's gonna be a busy one. Yesterday I slept and lounged and went to church online and did not leave the house. My idea of a restful day is when I don't set foot outside my front door.

Oh, I did manage to squeeze in "Marley and Me" and bawled like a baby. And I have to say I've been much nicer to our dogs since then. I also joined Facebook. Lame. Yes, I know I said it would never happen. The peer pressure was just too great. But please note that I did NOT ask anyone under 39 to be my friend! They can friend me if they so desire, but I'm not going to make the first move. I wouldn't want to intrude on the secret life of twenty-somethings. Not that anything on Facebook could be considered secret.

Also just thought I'd throw in a little pic for your Monday morning, since I mentioned firemen in a recent post. Read more about it at The Lost Ogle. And have a great day!


ReRe said...

i'm cracking up at that woman! i saw that on the ogle this morning. hmmm, i wonder if she's guilty of steroid use?!

jenX67 said...

have you seen the calendar of fat ladies? it's easier for me to look at that than bulging muscles. i saw the ogle post and linked to her web site. that can't all be steroids can it?!?!

Cari said...

ReRe and JenX-the Ogle makes me laugh every day. Now I want to see the fat lady calendar!