Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tessa and I did a shoe intervention with Angela last week. That girl is so frugal she squeaks when she walks. Wait, maybe that's the lousy shoes. We caught her wearing a pair of shoes that Tessa had worn well and thrown out a couple of years ago. How they ended up with Angela and how they ended up making regular appearances on her feet I do not know. We took her by the hand and walked her through the miracle that is the Ross shoe isle. See Angela, pretty shoes, designer names even, for less than $12.

I've made my daughters swear they won't submit my name for a "What Not To Wear" intervention. Not that I wouldn't love to spend a week and $5,000 in New York City. I just don't want to be publicly humiliated on TLC. Well, OK maybe for a week and $5,000 in New York City. But I humbly suggest that I would have to fake it, since I, in fact, already know what not to wear. But I could go buy some tacky clothing, holey t-shirts and a fanny pack and put on a pretty good show. Stacy and Clinton can probably smell a fake from a mile off. Probably wouldn't work.

Sense of style is an interesting thing. Is it nature or nurture? There's an important question to ponder for today. I'm going with nature.

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Cari said...

Pondering your style question....

idk. :)

My mom and only sister are fashionistas, but not. The black sheep I am. so, I'm going with nature.