Friday, June 26, 2009

Just call my name, I'll be there

So is it legal to write a blog post today and not mention Farrah and Michael Jackson? No blogging about kids or life or moving or work?

I mean, I was startled like everyone else yesterday morning to turn on my computer and see the news that Farrah had passed on. And the drive home was comsumed by reports of Michael Jackson being taken to the hospital, Michael Jackson in a coma, Michael Jackson possibly dead.

Farrah forever changed hair. I was in high school during the early years of Charlie's Angels. All my friends attempted the feathered hair look. No one wanted to be Angels Sabrina or Kelly. Everyone wanted to be Jill. Duh!

By the time Michael Jackson made the Thriller video I was a young wife, busy trying to finish college and get my career and family started. I never really got the beauty of the whole short pants, white socks, zipper-encrusted jacket, white glove, crotch-grabbing thing. I pretty much always related Michael Jackson back to the Jackson Five. Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond seemed two of a kind to me. The little brother with a big voice in a family of singing phenoms. I guess I never really understood the remade version. Or maybe it was a matter of timing.

So I guess I just wrote a post about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett anyway. Both just always seemed sad to me. I'd way rather have had my life than either of theirs. But they did leave their own unique mark on American pop culture. (Thank you Captain Obvious - as my daughter would say).


ReRe said...

you can't deny that you HAVE to dance when you hear Beat It!

Cari said...

Oh ReRe - I failed to mention that I actually love Michael Jackson's music in all its various forms. And yes, I can't stand still when I hear Beat It! His music and my life just never seemed to converge. My high school years fell into the gap between the end of the Jackson 5 and the beginning of solo Michael.