Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's calling my name...

I love this chair.
Do you ever love something so much you want to lick it? Me neither. Eeeww. But I do love this chair. I want to own it. I'm pretty sure I need to buy it just to participate in being "green", reducing my carbon footprint, practicing sustainability. I mean, read this description and tell me I'm not crazy when I say I'm actually OBLIGATED to buy this "Everglade" chair.

  • Furniture boasts a hardware frame using lumber from certified sustainable forest
  • Made In North Carolina using eco-friendlye materials
  • Fabric Mill donates portion of sale to The Nature Conservancy
  • Cool contrast welt in 100-percent organic cotton
  • Soy-based cushioning offers long-lasting comfort using less petroleum
  • No-sag spring system from recycled steel
  • Fabric is 100-percent certified organic cotton
  • Crafted using efficient processes that minimize waste and conserve natural resources
  • Manufacturer member of Sustainable Furnishings Council

I am not making that stuff up, people. That's what the description said on I'm pretty sure purchasing this chair would speed up the economic recovery AND save the rain forest. And it would be perfect in my bedroom.

So what's the problem? I've gotten so used to buying all my furniture used or making do with hand-me-downs, I've forgotten how to buy actual quality pieces. The price is holding me back. But I can drool.


Stephen said...

They missed these important selling points:
1. Comes with simulated pre-chewed piping so you won't notice when the dog gnaws on it (thus avoiding cruelty to animals).
2. Avoid the worry of your furniture going out of style by buying a chair that's hideous to begin with!
3. Supports the Blind Upholsterers Guild!
4. No need to put this baby out by the curb with a "FREE" sign on it next year when you realize your mistake. Just push it out in the back yard and watch it completely biodegrade in less than six months!
5. 100% edible! (but with poor taste)

Cari said...

Ha! Very funny. It probably is completely biodegradable. I still like it. But we bought something in the scratch and dent section of Mathis Bros, so I'll just have to dream about this chair.

Stephen said...

Yeah, well, I'm clearly not Mr. Fashion, so what do I know? Mostly I'm just fulfilling my little-brotherly duty to help keep your self-esteem under control; though I'm pretty sure you stopped listening about 35 years ago. Blah blah blah blah, Cari, blah blah blah...