Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take it down a notch!

Everyone in my house is deaf. Really, only two of us are certifiable. (Shut up. I'm talking about having a hearing deficit.) My mother-in-law wears hearing aids to assist. I do not yet, but hope to someday soon. I've never had my hearing officially checked, but it's a well know fact I can't hear. I would be easily certifiable.

My twin sister has done all the work of going to have her hearing checked and buying the hearing aids. So I really don't need a doctor to tell me I can't hear. There's some weird genetic thing that caused us both to lose some of our hearing at about the same age. Genetics are interesting. Our paternal grandmother had the same problem.

But back to the epidemic of deafness in my household. Every sentence has to be repeated at least twice. Personally, I think it's more of an attention deficit than a hearing deficit. You know it's a lack of paying attention when you wait before repeating yourself while the communication slowly works its way through the fog. Then the answer. See. I knew you heard me.

Here is where if this were a blog of some substance I'd draw a parallel between our family's attention deficit epidemic and the state of the public conversations in this country. I'd point out that if everyone would stop yelling and actually listen, we might not be building these walls of fear and anger and accusations. But that's not what this blog is about, so I'll leave it to you to draw those parallels.

I'll just go back to trying to hear those around me and trying to make myself heard. For me, the key to hearing is being in close proximity - close enough where I can see the lips moving, and understanding the context. When the back is turned, or the hand is over the mouth, something obstructs my view...forget it. For me, seeing and hearing are very much interdependent. I have to see you to hear you.

Feel free to read between the lines some more and apply your conclusions to the shouting, hearing-impaired world around us. Sheesh. Everybody, simmer down!


Stephen said...

So, about when can I expect my hearing to go? I sort of think it's already on the way out. What?! Stop mumbling! Why is everyone mumbling?!

Cari said...

Your hearing should go between yesterday and 2-3 years from now, based on your sisters' experiences. I can't help you with attention deficit problems. I think that ship has sailed.

Stephen said...

Poor Rudy. Now when he asks me something he's not sure if I a.) Didn't hear him. b.) Got lost in thought while formulating a response. c.) What were we talking about?

jenX said...

My mom started losing her hearing at 16 and is now about 90 percent deaf. Very hard to deal with. I have some hearing loss, too. I don't hear terrific, but so far not too bad.

I agree - if everyone would quitting yelling and listen, we might actually make some worthwhile progress.

"You lie." Now, I heard that.

jenX said...

hey, i need your address! amazon.com wants to send you a present called where wanderers cease to roam. =)