Saturday, October 31, 2009

Circus Circus

It's the perfect fall day today and I'm off to walk in the country with my sister. Then it's all about watching the grand-puppy and our niece's baby. Ang and Riley are off trail-mapping and camping somewhere in the depths of southeast Oklahoma (leaving grandpuppy with us) and the niece is headed to Stillwater to hang out with Tessa (leaving Rylin with us). Might be a circus in our household today! Two senior citizens, two middle-agers, two dogs and a baby. Throw in some trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell and it's a recipe for total chaos. Fun chaos of course.

I need something to take the edge off of the seriousness of life and this just might be the thing. Wish me luck. I'm wishing you a blessed day.

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