Monday, October 26, 2009

One thing at a time

I worked without stopping for anything but sleep pretty much all last week. So I took today off. Yay me. My list of things I would loooovvve to do is oh so long. Does anyone else have that problem? I could spend my days creating things, thinking, reading, and of course, napping. So today I am using unusual discipline and sticking to one thing. Nesting.

We've lived in the new house now for (checking calendar) about ten weeks. And although things are pretty much in place, there are still random boxes to unpack, artwork to hang and decorative items to arrange. And rearrange. And arrange again. It takes me a while to get things settled where I want to leave them for a good long time. Plus I'm trying to integrate our decorative stuff with the in-laws decorative stuff, attempting to avoid the "theirs and ours" school of decorating.

Mark is working from home a lot these days, and I need a home work space too, so I'm thinking of putting together a home office. We've never really had one - we usually just have a room that collects all the furniture that doesn't work for any other room. So part of my nesting day is to pull together a workable and pleasant space for officing.

I'm the master of multi-tasking, but I'm thinking it's not really working so well for me lately. I'm experimenting with being a little more focused, more single-minded. This day of nesting is part of that experiment. I'll let you know how it goes. And I will NOT read that web design magazine I bought yesterday, or try a few new tricks on Photoshop, or answer work emails, or go to Hulu to watch the episode I missed of Modern Family. Today is all about nesting.


tessa said...

Be single minded! You're the only one in the family who can do that! Without you we'll be lost!

Mark said...

What do you mean mom's the only one who can be single minded??? I was just thinking today about how I've been working on a couple churches books to get them straightened out, just a minute, ok I'm back, OSU is losing to Texas, and staying focused on that and getting ready for the Floriday trip for RDS, just a minute, whew! found a couple pieces to put together of the Grans puzzle, anyway, and being ready for their FOUR training days which is going to be tough, OK I'm back, had to change the laundry, talk to mom, eat a pixie stick and play with the dog, so you can add ME to the list of single mindedness in, Whew! sure feel a lot better after that little trip to the c-n! our family.....