Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fight against "compassion fatigue"

Compassion fatigue - one unintended consequence of all the media attention when something tragic like the earthquake in Haiti, the Christmas Tsunami a few years ago, or the hurricane and subsequent floods in New Orleans and surrounding areas. The truth is, you get sick of hearing about it. Admit it. You start changing the channel when it comes on the news. Maybe you already texted your $10 donation. Maybe you've found a way to give much more. You still whisper a prayer, you still shake your head in disbelief. But life goes on. There's no judgement intended here. It's a legitimate reaction.

The bad news? There's still so much to be done. Here are a couple of suggestions.

If you're like me and missed the "Help for Haiti Now" performances last night, you can catch 'em on the internet. AND you can pre-order all the music at iTunes. The full $7.99 goes toward relief work in Haiti. You get to help out and you get great music.

Check out the link below to get you started. (Not now! After you finish reading this blog!!)

Mary J. Blige - "Mary J. Blige "Hard Times Come Again No More" (Live)": "R&B singer Mary J. Blige delivers a soulful performance of the Civil War-era ballad 'Hard Times Come Again No More' at the 'Hope for Haiti Now' telethon in New York."

You can also donate to World Vision. I worked for them for six years and I assure you, they will put your money to good use. They already had staff working in Haiti. They know what they are doing!


MarkJ said...

Nobody does it better than World Vision!

Stephen said...

There was an earthquake in Haiti?