Monday, January 18, 2010

And the award goes to...

Yes! Gleeks everywhere are dancing and singing in celebration. Glee won a Golden Globe! I came a little late to the Glee fan base, but that show is Ahhw-suum! The cast is said to have burst into song backstage after accepting their award. OF COURSE they did. They wouldn't be the cast of Glee if they didn't sing at all the appropriate moments.

And I want to BE Jane Lynch. Or Meryl Streep. Or Sandra Bullock.

But right now I have to be me, and go put on my face and do my hair without assistance from a professional. Work awaits for those who live an average person's life. A life void of red carpets, unless you count the kool-aid or red wine stains. A life where there are no paparazzi, no shiny awards, no acceptance speeches.

"I'd like to thank the termite guy for coming back to exterminate the termites he said didn't exist when we bought the house. Thank you to McDonalds for always being there for me. And of course, (wiping a tear, choking back a sob) to my straight iron and my under-eye concealer. You do me proud Thank you!"

1 comment: said...

Don't forget the wonderful bed and blankets that keep you warm every night!!!