Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happiness is...another home improvement project

Remember how often I used to post pictures of all our many and endless home improvement projects? Ah, the good old days. Those project were inevitable when living in a one-owner house built in 1937. Then we moved over the summer to accommodate three generations living under one roof, and the home improvement projects have slowed to a trickle. Not because I adore the 1970's motif we've got going on here. I mean, who doesn't love heavy, dark wood with kitschy trim and popcorn ceilings. Mostly we haven't done much improving-of-home out of sheer exhaustion.

Today we're just pushing past that lethargy, exhaustion and I-don't-really-care attitude that has enveloped us like the Christmas Eve blizzard. Side note - did you see that 1,200 drivers were fined for not paying tolls on Oklahoma turnpikes during the blizzard? Baahhhaahaa. It was like Armageddon folks! You couldn't GET to the toll booth. Ah the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The same folks who brought us a new saint:

Anyway, today we're pushing past all that and doing a short makeover in our bathroom vanity area. Short for us means at least a month. We're about one week in, so we'll see how long it takes. Wish us luck!

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Stephen said...

Uh - that'd be the patron saint of dyslexia?