Thursday, February 25, 2010

In which I whine some more about stuff I should do but don't want to

I'm traveling today through Saturday, so I decided to get a late start at work and enjoy the morning at home. We got up early and took our self-righteous, work-out selves to the gym for what would have been the third time since we got that "5 free visits" card. Because we're dedicated like that. Aaaand, the electricity was off at the gym. Aaaand the Arctic blast of wind was blowing too cold to walk outside. So we went to McDonald's and bought Egg McMuffins and a coffee and came back home to read blogs. I feel refreshed.

I'm having a hard time with the whole motivation to lose weight and exercise thing. Because, really. I have a man. I feel relatively healthy. I have nice hair. So why do I need to knock myself out to do this really, really hard thing? It's too haarrd! (read those last three words in an excruciatingly whiny voice) Those are rhetorical questions. I know the reasons. I'm sure my cholesterol levels are high, I know my energy is low, I would feel better, I would look better. Someone needs to create a biggest loser ranch in Oklahoma where I can just disappear for two months, forget all my other responsibilities and stresses, have someone scream in my face like Jillian, have healthy food available and only healthy food. Maybe that would work. Maybe not.

How do you stay (get) motivated to do hard things. Or how do you pick which hard things to focus on? Maybe that's my problem. I have too many things I'm trying to fix all at one time. Or maybe I just love donuts.


Stephen said...

For me, it's all about avoidance and procrastination. If I really really need to do something that I really really don't want to, then I just have to think of something even more heinous and loathsome (taxes anyone?) that I can avoid doing by doing the first thing instead while still feeling smug about my erstwhile accomplishment. Avoid cleaning the bathroom by paying bills. Hey - somebody's gotta (not) do it! Avoid yardwork by volunteering at your church's or school's junk sale. How magnanimous of you! It's an art, really. :-)

Extreme Educators said...

I can't say much. I went to all the trouble of working out today and what am I doing? Scouring the house for any chocolate I have previously missed. And I found some!