Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because Support Can Be Beautiful

Well, I didn't win anything, but it was an honor to be nominated, and for all three of you who voted for my blog in the Best Writing category of the 2009 Okie Blog Awards, it was much appreciated. Just having my name on the list brought a couple of hundred new folks to check out these pages, and hopefully added one or two new faithful readers. Because I like writing knowing someone out there is listening.

I have to say I am very impressed with the caliber of Oklahoma blogs these days. And not just because I was nominated. I'm serious! Just a few years ago the Okie blogs were pretty slim pick'ns. Remember Slim Pickens? He died in the early '80s so you probably don't. I am very impressed by the improving quality of blogging in Oklahoma. Sure, there's The Pioneer Woman, who is now a national phenomenon. But there's a growing number of really good blogs out there.

If you haven't taken the time to check some out, jump over there and see what our fellow Okies are up to. Here are a few I discovered along the way. Plus one of my favorite new bloggers who wasn't on any list...

Goldilocks and Her Fabulous Bears - Not nominated but one of my all time favorite Oklahoma bloggers. A very funny window into the life of at the State's University.

Tasha Does Tulsa - Winner of Best Culture Blog and Best Tulsa Blog. Think there's nothing to do in Tulsa? Think again.

Napkin Dad - Runner up for Most Inspirational blog.

Jeremy and Kathleen - I like the style of their blog. It won in the Best Kept Secret category.

Enjoy! And thanks for your support. At my age, everything needs a little more support.

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Jeremy and Kathleen said...

Thanks for the props! There were some wonderful blogs nominated and I'm definitely discovering new Okie blogs from the nominations and award winners.