Monday, February 22, 2010

Sometimes the Olympics Are Hard to Watch!

Last week was a crazy-busy week, but I still managed to take in quite a few cringe-worthy moments of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There are the shock-n-awe cringe moments, witnessing horrifying crashes with body-parts flying and twisting in ways body parts were not meant to twist and fly. Then the athlete miraculously gets up and walks away. Some even go on to compete in the next round! That's the "awe" part.
There, of course, are the cringe-worthy costumes. And I don't just mean figure-skating, although this year's crop seems to be more "what were they thinking" than usual. There's the Czech Republic's Opening Ceremony uniforms, the body-gloved bob sledders, and those crazy Norwegian curlers in their golf pants (ordered online the week before the competition from Florida-based

Speaking of curling, I was just checking out the Olympic website and saw that they are streaming the live curling competition at this very moment. Isn't "Live Curling" an oxymoron?

And about those bobsledders (bob sleighers?)- they present more cringe-worthy moments than just about any other Winter Olympic sport. Really, it's not their fault as much as it is the fault of the cameraman or woman. I truly do not need to see the Lycra-encased butt cheeks up close and personal. Nor do I need to see them adjusting their forward nether regions. I mean, I feel for them. I'm sure you can't help but feel the need to pick and pull while wrapped up like a deli sandwich. I just don't want to watch. And who decided it was of interest to put a camera at knee level to a seated and sprawled short-track speed skater? America does not want to see Apolo Anton Ohno that up-close-and-personal. Or is it Apolo Ohno Anton? Or Ohno Apolo... I'm confused.

And ice dancing. Oh ice dancing. Awkward!

Yuri Kadobnov, Getty Images


tessa said...

Ice dancing? Awkward? No way. If I had a nickel for every time a guy held me upside down with his head between my legs..

ooooooh that just got awkward.

Cari said...

Tessa - you make me laugh every day. I need more laughs.