Friday, March 5, 2010

The information you've been waiting for...or not

I know you've been waiting to hear if we've used up all five of our free visits to the gym. I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer. The answer is...sort of. Technically there are still spaces on the back of my card for a few more free visits. But we have been going. Occasionally. A few times a week. I tried out a second gym earlier this week, which didn't count against my five freebies. So give me some credit. That's way more non couch time than we've been pulling in recent months. I actually broke a sweat the last couple of visits. Shocking! I haven't, however been able to bring myself to enter a formal class like zumba or spinning.

I heard a phrase the other day that I've been thinking on. Something about creating a healthy environment. Dang it, now I can't remember it exactly. The gist is that to be healthy one must surround yourself with healthy things, a healthy attitude, etc. I know that's not a new thought. Duh. But it's not something I do. My life is set up for sedentary chub-i-tude. I work at a desk and rarely get up. At night I watch TV or lounge around reading a book. To get to the carrots I have to push aside the cookies, glazed donuts and pie that regularly appear on our kitchen counter. Even the dog is too old and tired to exercise. It takes a massive amount of self-denial and inner fortitude to push against the chub tide.

I seriously did not set out to write yet another post on this topic. I'm going to start writing fascinating posts about my rock climbing experiences, my triathlon victories and my rock-star ability to just say no to cranberry orange scones.

Trouble is, all the writing gurus advise writing what you know.


Extreme Educators said...

I think you should come to the zumba class at the Bethany Y. Trust me, there is no judging there. You could stand behind perky lady who wears high-waisted leggings with shirts that only go down to her waist and looks really weird, or stand in the back beside the ladies that really only do about 2/3 of the steps. Your body type will match everyone else's and you may even be considered a snappy dresser so long as you don't wear your painting pants. I love you!

tessa said...

Haha I'm in the same boat. Except my will to eat poorly is very very strong. I opened my fridge the other day only to find the veggies and fruits I'd bought the week before, but instead of eating say a nice salad, I ate some honey. Yup, straight from the bottle.

tessa said...