Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

It's spring break and it's St. Patrick's Day and I have a few days off from work.

Now you're all caught up. Buh-bye.

Just kidding. I'll throw out a few more thoughts in case you too are looking for filler material for Spring Break. What, you aren't competing in the Victoria's Secret bikini contest in Panama City? Not part of the MTV Spring Break cast in Acapulco? Not risking being murdered in a Mexico border town? Or maybe your parents are under the illusion they can still control your life and put the kibosh on those plans, and then your back-up plan to do relief work in Haiti didn't work out either. Sucks for you. But seriously, EVERYBODY is not on a beach somewhere for Spring Break. That's not statistically possible.

In a middle aged version of Spring Break, I'm considering planting a garden this week. Or at least digging up a garden plot and planting it after the threat of frost is over. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? Sounds gardener-ish to me. So quick, somebody talk me out of it before I get myself in too deep. Since we now live together with the in-laws and my Father-in-law is a gardener from way back, I was hoping he could guide me through the process. Or maybe I should just find a good farmer's market. Or plant two tomato plants and call it good.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I guess I'll go find something green to wear. There's Irish blood on Mark's side of the family just a couple of generations back, so we'll be doing a wee dance and drinking a pint 'o green tea. And I'll remember my own amazing Grandfather, who was born on March 17. Mark and I both have a good and Godly heritage that goes way back. We have a lot to build on.

But as the Irish say..."You've got your own growing to do, no matter how tall your Grandfather was."


MarkJ said...

Let's do the garden thing and see if we can keep something alive for a whole "season"!

Looking forward to that pint tonight!

Shari said...

I think a garden is a grand idea!

jen said...

I really love the way you write...i took my little ones to Sea World by myself for Spring Break - while RObert stayed home and studied. I survived it, but just barely.

Cari said...

Jen- I remember taking my little ones to Disney Land while my husband stayed home to work. It was...interesting.