Thursday, July 1, 2010

This could be a very good thing. Or this could suck big time.

Hello my BFFs. After a couple of months of craziness at work, dealing with funding cuts and budget cuts, I find myself suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed. So I'm all yours, my Internet buddies. We'll spend leisurely afternoons exploring scintillating topics. What? You have a job? Oh yeah - that thing I had yesterday.

I'm hoping the pain in my back and the stiffness between my shoulder blades and the irritable bowel eases now. I've been trying to figure out how to lessen the stress. Remember how I talked about needing a sabbatical? Handed to me on a platter.

Suddenly the long list of things I wanted to do has shortened to don't cry, don't cry and don't cry. Oh, and don't wallow in self pity. I'm sure in a day or two the other things on that list will come back to populate my stunned brain. But for today, my major task is to read all the magazines that have piled up on the table beside my bed, and to alternate between heat and ice packs to soothe the back. If only there was an icepack to soothe the bruised ego.


Shari said...

Glad to hear your blogger voice again. Been missing it. Sorry about the circumstances.

Stephen said...

Yay! More Cari blogs! That job sucked anyway. Next!

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear that you've lost your job. It's never easy to be in that position.

le@thirdontheright said...

hello there Cari - I'm Le - and I find you over at jenx67 ... I am sending the long distant of no use really what so ever hug from australia ... I'm the primary earner too for our family and I know the stresses that can bring ... when one door shuts ... you know what they say ... another opens - hipe you find yours soon le