Friday, July 23, 2010


Did you happen to see the above definition on The Pioneer Woman's blog? I've always liked that word. Ahn-wee. When I read it I realized - that's what it is! That's the feeling that has overpowered me in the last few weeks - which were, of course, the first few weeks of unemployment. It's that feeling of meh, whatever, not really interested. It's episodes of staring into space for long periods of time. A general malaise. A fog. Listlessness. Languor. I suppose it could be the searing July heat. Or possibly the muscle relaxers my doctor prescribed for the relentless back pain. Ohhhh, now I get it!

I mean, it's not like I'm just sitting on my couch picking stray dog hairs off my stretchy pants all day long. I've been sending out those resumes and even had an interview. I've volunteered with my sister on behalf of the nonprofit we formed together. This summer we are providing recreation at the WINGS summer camp for young adults with developmental disabilities. Those young folks can really get their dance on!

I've created and tweaked a few websites. I've actually been to the gym. The living room has been repainted. I've waited on hold with the unemployment office for hours and given my medical history in great detail to the insurance company so we can get some coverage after mine goes away at the end of the month. I've harvested veggies from my first-time-I-ever-planted-one garden. I've sorted through digital photos I'd forgotten I had. Remember this?

That's son-in-law Riley using his Okie ice scraper. Put down the credit card and go find a real ice scraper!!

OK, after reading the above I guess I'm feeling a little better about the things that have occupied the last few weeks. Hopefully the malaise will lift and meaningful employment will come in good time. But right now I think I'll go take a nap because I CAN!

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Shari said...

I've personally been impressed at all the things you've accomplished. Just the living room painting alone was impressive enough!