Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time on my hands

No, I'm not blogging on company time. I'm at lunch, although it's al-desko. I just am brain dead when I get home and have nothing to say to anyone, much less feel like blogging. I end up wasting hours of time staring at the television. Without children at home there's a lot of free time! No need to rush off to a choir concert or a committee meeting. No parties to plan, no science project poster board to buy, no one to nag about finishing her homework. The house stays clean. Right now I'm in between teaching assignments for the Adult Degree Completion program at SNU, so I really do have a lot of free time in the evening.

I've been encouraging myself to enjoy the lull and not commit myself to anything I'll regret later. Like enrolling in a PhD program. Or starting a new business on the side. Breathe deep. Take a walk around the block. Pet the dogs. What is this new feeling? Peace? Calm? Who knew!

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Extreme Educators said...

This happens to me right after school is over. The kids leave when the bell rings, five minutes later one of them returns for a missing piece of homework and I mock him for being the last one to leave... again. Then I sit at my desk, knowing I have tons to do but not knowing where to start. I spend an hour to an hour and a half piddling around getting nothing done, until I realize it is getting late and take everything home.