Thursday, January 29, 2009

boo hoo

I made it home from Idabel late yesterday. Today I'm tired and cranky and ready to quit my job. But since I don't have the luxury of living without a paycheck, and since it's just a passing feeling that will be gone once I've rested up some, I won't do anything drastic. Just feeling overworked and under appreciated, probably like 99.9 percent of the working world feels at some point in any given month. Even if you do something you feel passionate about, as I do, there are just days when it doesn't seem worth the effort. Wow, do I need a nap. And some chocolate.

For me the quickest path to depression/discouragement is feeling powerless. Or maybe feeling that something is unfair. Fairness is a big issue with me, along with loyalty and transparency. But back to the powerlessness conversation. When I start to get all woe is me, I am learning to stop and ask myself where that feeling is coming from. Then if I can do something about it, I do. And usually I can do something about a situation. At the very least, I can look at it from another perspective. But very often I can change something, or shore up a boundary that has gotten out of whack, or do something just for fun or creativity to lighten up the dreary winter dullness.

So I'm off to lighten the load somehow. Wii Fit maybe? Cook a yummy and healthy dinner? Music works. I need to update my music files with some new purchases from iTunes. Thinking happy thoughts...

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tessa said...

I find that doing something crazy fun random is always a good solution to the sucky days that rear their little heads a little to often. Let me know what you ended up doing!