Friday, February 27, 2009

Early Warning Signs

I've just about sucked all the available oxygen out of the air, I'm down to the last drop in the gas tank, the bank account is empty. Can't think of any more analogies for where I am physically, emotionally and spiritually today. I know from past experience that if I don't refill, make a deposit, it will hit the fan and watch out if you are in the path of that putrid spray.

Truth is, I'm not quite to the end of all that, but I'm learning to recognize the signs a little earlier and take care of myself before it all hits the proverbial fan. Today I have a long day ahead, but I'm looking forward to a weekend at home and hope to do a little something here and there to rejuvenate.

For today, I hope I can see beauty and experience rest in the small things. Come on eyes and ears! Be on the look out. I'm ready, as C.S. Lewis said, to be surprised by joy.


okiesister said...

Oh sweet Cari,
I will hold you in my thoughts today and send you good, positive energy and well wishes.
Hope it helps,

Stephen said...

We love you! (virtual hug)