Saturday, February 28, 2009

This just in...

Just had lunch with my sister and guess what. She's on Facebook. And she's managed to dig up some old friends from high school, or they dug her up. She was always the more social of the two of us.

I've told Tessa before that I'm not going to get a Facebook account. I hardly ever look at my MySpace. Although I hear MySpace may be going the way of Now I'm tempted to set up a Facebook. If I do, I sure won't be sending a friend request to my children. I couldn't take the rejection.


Shari said...

I have mixed feelings on re-visiting old friends, but the Facebook finds have been pretty positive so far.

One of the sweetest things in my world these days is being able to just call and, in just a few minutes, get to hang out with you! What did I do all those years so far apart????

Stephen said...

I like the way Facebook manages friend requests and the degree of control over what can be seen and shared - or not.
A friend quipped that Facebook is like the afterlife - getting re-acquainted with practically everyone from throughout your life. Personally, I think it's the opposite. I mean, in heaven everyone's supposed to be young a good looking. In reality, everyone has gotten old and fat.
My experiences have all been positive as well, and I found some people I'd long wondered about.
Come to think of it, Dad never accepted my friend request. Whatever!