Sunday, March 1, 2009

His voice is a part of my childhood

Paul Harvey died yesterday at the age of 90. For me his voice is eternally connected to my grandmother's house here in Oklahoma. My grandmother listened to the radio a good part of the day, often in hopes of winning that ever elusive big cash prize that a local radio station offered. Paul Harvey's voice reminds me of her perfectly fried chicken, fried okra, steaming, buttered mashed potatoes, and sweet tea.

Even as I child I was drawn to his distinctive voice. It held an unusual mix of warmth and authority. I would wait patiently through his news commentary-"Stand by for news"- liberally sprinkled with his personal product endorsements, to get to the best part; a short, chronological biography of a famous person. The identity could only be guessed until the end, when Mr. Harvey revealed the identity and finished with the iconic "and that's (pause for emphasis), the rest of the story."

And of course, he was an Oklahoma native, born in Tulsa. We're just made of good stuff here.

"Good Day!"

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