Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things that make you go Huh?!

After watching the Oscars the other night (actually I sort of drifted in and out while doing other things) I was again reminded of the necessity and challenge of keeping all those seats filled with beautifully dressed and done-up, living, breathing bodies. Do celebrities have super-human abilities to hold their urine for stretches of three to four hours, you might ask? Have they not had anything to eat or drink for days in order to fit into their size 0 designer gowns? Enemas, anyone? Because they seem to be ever-present. But of course, they are really in the lobby having drinks and hanging out with their super-celeb buddies while their seats are kept warm by seat fillers. Even so, how do Angelina and Brad know just when to be in their seats so the camera can catch their reaction to Jennifer Aniston's bit, for example. Makes you wonder. Well, it makes me wonder.

I wonder if they made use of the ever-so-useful inflatable extra up in the balcony areas. Hey - it's looking a bit sparse up in the third tier. Grab the pump and fill that chair! I just wonder what they have handy to dress the inflatables with. You wouldn't want it to look like there's a naked celebrity. Although sometimes I don't think anyone would notice. At least the inflatable seat filler isn't likely to break the no-autographs rule or chat annoyingly with the closest non-inflated celeb. Makes you wonder.

Another head scratcher. Martha Stewart is now running amok with ideas for ridiculous home projects by providing directions on sewing your very own TV cozy. I can see the usefulness of the traditional tea cozy when you wanted to keep the tea in your teapot steamy in a drafty old house. But your TV? Seems like a waste of time and perfectly good fabric.

One more thing to add to the "makes you go huh" discussion. Mark and I have often wondered why the dogs don't just help themselves to their dog food. We keep it in a big bin but rarely put the lid down tight. It wouldn't take much for them to have themselves a happy doggie feast. I mean, Winnie can open doors like she has thumbs. After reading about Doggie IQ tests from another blogger, we decided to give one a try. Now we know why the dog food is safe. Seriously.

Wondering what makes you go "huh?!"


Stephen said...

The TV cozy makes sense to me - at least for diminutive screens as shown in the photo. Some people keep their TV in a cabinet. I used to drape a cloth over the front of mine. Same concept I guess. Our current (old) TV is so ugly - flat black and monolithic, I hear Also Sprach Zarathustra (sp?) every time I look at it.

Cari said...

Stephen - I guess it would keep the dust off the TV. But then the cozy would be dusty. Our current TV is about the size of a smart car. I'd need a pretty big cozy!

Stephen said...

I think the point was to hide the unsightly appliance, not necessarily to keep it dust free. But, yeah most American televisions are way too big for this treatment.

Stephen said...

Hmmm... the Academy Awards could have inflatable seat-fillers that deploy from the chairs like airbags a few seconds after someone gets up. I'd tune in just to see that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, cute video. Looks like you had fun making it.