Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now we really need to get moving!

Sometimes life just goes along, day after day. You make plans - have a goal. But you wait, and pray, and work toward that goal, pray, then wait some more. Then suddenly, life takes a turn and things break wide open and, just like that, the desired outcome is accomplished. It's a done deal and you're sort of left staggering from the speed of the change.

Remember this post, and this and this, where I shared the desire of the in-laws to move closer to us, and for our desire and plan to share a home in order to not maintain two households or pay exorbitant assisted living apartment prices? But then the housing market went south, the economy tanked and we were left wondering if that plan was meant to be.

It all broke loose over the weekend. The house in Newton sold and the house we've had our eye on for months here in OKC will, God willing, be ours very soon. It's big enough for three generations to co-exist peacefully when the nest is temporarily filled with a returning college student. Plenty of room for the two couples to live harmoniously. The negotiating and contract writing is done and the turn around time is fast. Now we need to put our house on the market.

So this is Cari, doing a happy dance. Well, truthfully, I'm too exhausted from all the work we did on our house over the weekend to prepare it for selling. But this is Cari, doing a happy dance in her head.


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Shari said...

Wow! That was really fast after being so slow!

jen said...

It can work!